TOEFL Prep Programs

All classes taught by Greg Britt, former ITESM prof.
with 20+ years exp., author of TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers

iBT (Official) TOEFL Intensive Group Program

This program is taught at 11-12:30 Monday-Thursday.
You finish the program in 6 weeks (36 hrs.)
Small groups.
NOTE: Our next virtual group will open on TBA
The classes are live but on-line...no traffic or parking;
take your class wherever you are!
All materials are included:

The ebook TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers
& additional materials (pdf with audio) for iBT.
To get started,
email us at: britt.mx@gmail.com.

Fees: 7,800. pesos (see 3 payment options here).
Need private classes? 12,000. for iBT, 36 hrs.
or 6,000 for ITP only, 18 hrs.
Private classes taught in-person &/or virtually.

Course: iBT Virtual Group Program
Begins: TBA
Schedule: Mon. - Thurs., 11 AM- 12:30 PM
Duration: 6 weeks
Fee: 7,800.
Only 6 students, max.!

Too busy to commit to a set schedule?
Consider taking on-demand, on-line classes
at Udemy.com (use URL below)
recorded by Greg Britt, the author.
Available for the ITP program only (not iBT).


You're on the right track!