TOEFL Prep Programs

All classes taught by Greg Britt, former ITESM prof.
with 20+ years exp., author of TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers
*Please see the note below if you are not a Spanish speaker.

iBT (Official) TOEFL Intensive Group Program

This program is taught at 7 PM Monday-Thursday.
You finish the program in 6 weeks.
Small groups.
NOTE: Our next group will open on April 22, 2019!
All materials are included:

The book TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers (used on Tues.)
& an iBT binder with 500+ pp. & audio CD (used on Thurs.)
To get started,
email us at: britt.mx@gmail.com.

Fees: 6500. pesos (see 3 payment options here).
Only need ITP? Just come on Tues. and Thurs. and deduct 2500. (4000.)
Need private classes? Add 3500. for iBT (10,000.), 36 hrs.
or add 1000. for only ITP (5000.), 18 hrs.
Private classes taught in-person &/or virtually.

Course: iBT Group Program
Begins: Apr. 22
Schedule: Mon. - Thurs., 7-8:30 PM
Duration: 5 weeks
Fee: 6500.
3 (min.)-6 (max.) students

Too busy to commit to a set schedule?
Consider taking on-demand, on-line classes
recorded by Greg Britt, the author.
Click here for more info. about our on-line, recorded program.
Available for the ITP program only (not iBT).

*Both the group and ITP recorded program use the TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers
textbook. If you do not speak Spanish, please plan to take private classes, either
in person or virtually. Britt has many editions of his textbook for speakers of several
other languages (see 5steptoeflprep.com) and we will use the one that is most
appropriate for you. You can purchase a "real" book before we start or be provided
with a free eBook (printable pdf file). For virtual students living outside of Mexico,
we can apply the same fees, converting to US dollars.
(Please calculate 20 pesos to the dollar--
a convenient, preferred rate for our students.)

You're on the right track!