TOEFL Prep for
Spanish Speakers

An exciting, effective, affordable
new way to prepare for the TOEFL!

Now you can take private TOEFL classes
with Greg Britt via Internet!

*Your score is guaranteed with this or any other ITP program.

TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers is a very complete on-line,
on-demand program that includes:

Free 269 page e-book download for TOEFL Prep for Spanish Speakers.
(Includes 90 Practice Exercises, 22 Mini-TOEFL Exams,
Listening, Writing, & Reading Supplements
9 Appendices, Answer key)

  43 classes recorded by the author
of the book, Greg Britt. These classes are available on-demand, 24/7.

  2 complete practice exams
(with score reports and review of errors on 1st).

  Personal support with Greg Britt via e-mail.

*You can continue taking (virtual or group) classes until you get the score you need!

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