Institutional TOEFL Testing

The Institutional TOEFL, known as ITP, is an affordable option for many
who need a certified (issued by the Institute of International Education
in association with the United States Embassy) TOEFL score report.

This is NOT the official exam. The scores can NOT usually be sent to
universities for admissions consideration. The scores are for the use
of the student and the institution that administers the test.
The official iBT exam is usually used for college admission outside of Mexico.

So, what's the difference? The main difference is the ITP score is not
official and can not be sent to other parties directly by Educational Testing Service.
Also, the official exam costs over $180.usd, while the ITP is 1000. pesos.
We can also get the ITP results faster than iBT,

Many schools, businesses, and government organizations in Mexico
(such as CONACYT) will accept the ITP. It is important for you to check

For complete, official information on the ITP, Click here.