Study Spanish in Mexico City!

Our Spanish program is directed by Alejandro Contreras--
considered by many to be one of the top Spanish teachers in Mexico.
With nearly 25 years of teaching experience, he has developed
an outstanding program that's both effective and entertaining.
He's fluent in English and French, which is really helpful for
students who don't yet communicate perfectly in Spanish.
And even though he will gently push you to use Spanish in class,
he's a very patient teacher.

Our classes are taught in private classes...
This allows us to offer flexible class schedules.
It also allows us to create a truly personalized program
that really caters to the individual needs of the student.

Spanish teacher Alejandro Contreras with a visiting student.

Many of our students are in town on business or vacation...
Others with extended time in Mexico set up more long-term programs.
For those with really limited time, very intensive schedules can be arranged.
Students visiting Mexico will no doubt enjoy their free time in exciting Mexico City.

We use a variety of teaching materials, depending on the level of the student...

Classes can be given to zero-level beginners or more
advanced/specialized classes can be arranged.
Again, we cater to the exact needs of each student.
The classes are priced per hour (400. pesos) so the cost of
each program depends on the frequency of the class.

We ask students to reserve their classes by paying fees at least two weeks in advance
(and offer a 10% discount if you pay for 20 hrs. up front.)*
We require a 24-hr. notice to credit a cancelled class.
All materials are included.
*Sorry, no discount offered if you study less than 2 hrs. per wk.
nor with Paypal payments.

If necessary, we will gladly conduct an
initial evaluation to determine a student's level.

If you're interested in studying Spanish with us,
please send us an email...info@dfbritt.com.
We look forward to working with you.