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How many points can I expect to raise my TOEFL score?

Good students can sometimes improve their scores between 40 and 60 points.

Can I get over 600 points in this course?

That depends on your level when you start.
If you begin around 550, you should be able to reach 600
with hard work and careful study.

What’s a good score?

There’s really no “pass” or “fail”. Most colleges require about 80 on iBT,
equivalent to 550 on paper-based TOEFL.

What’s the Institutional TOEFL?

The ITP is accepted on a national level.
You’ll use pencil and paper to take 3 sections,
listening, grammar, and reading.

What’s the difference betweetn ITP and iBT?

The ITP is not generally accepted for international college admission.
For that you'll need iBT. It is internet-based and includes testing of
integrated skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Will this program help me prepare for the iBT?

Yes, it’s a very good pre-iBT course. Even though grammar is not specifically tested on the iBT,
grammar skills are an important part of the grading criteria.
It will really improve your writing skills for the iBT essays!

Can I prepare for the iBT with Greg Britt?

Yes, but best after completing this basic program first...
For more details about TOEFL and this course, check the
Introduction of your eBook.

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